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I’m finishing up this blog series for eBay beginners.  It’s a series of 3 posts covering the first three steps to start selling on eBay. This post (step 3), is about how to find something you already have that’s worth selling on eBay. I’m sure you have lots of stuff! I’m going to help you narrow it down so that you make money on your first sale.

So, in step one you set up your eBay account

And, in step two you did the eBay shopping assignment… (get the shopping checklist here)

Next, you’ll learn how to figure out what your stuff is worth on eBay. Take your time learning this step. It’s ALL about the research.

The research step is critical because it affects the amount of money you can potentially make and helps you determine how quickly your item sells.  Pretty important, right?

Here’s how to pick items to sell on eBay from the stuff you already own:

Step 1 – Review Completed eBay Listings

1. First, you go around and gather a dozen items from your home that you want to sell. Look in the garage, the kitchen, a closet…you get the gist. Ideally, the items are A) Easy to ship and B) Of moderate value.

2. Next sit down with the items by your side and logon on to eBay (via desktop or mobile). Type the item description and Search.

3. Scroll down, on the left navigation and select Show only – Completed listings 

(Completed listings are ALL items that match your search, sold and unsold. It includes auctions and fixed price formats.)  eBay listings have a start and end time. When the item ends it is complete whether or not it sells. Completed listings are the best place to conduct research. You learn what sells and also what doesn’t.

4. From the Sort drop-down list, select Price + Shipping: highest first. Review the items with SOLD prices shown in green. Click on the titles and really look in the details such as photos, descriptions, and shipping. Take notes on what you see!!

5. Next, click the Auction button to filter by completed auctions. Finally, click the Buy it Now button to filter by fixed price listings.

You just learned a TON about which format sells your item and the range of prices.

Step 2 – Find WINNING Products that SOLD

1. Scroll down, on the left navigation and select Sold listings.

Remember the sort order is still set to Price + Shipping: highest firstNote: This narrows it down so you can quickly see the highest sold prices. It’s a good idea to also sort by the other options. Compare the data to your items.

2. Review the details again and take notes. When you find an item almost exactly like yours, and it sold for more than $35, you found a winner!

Note: Make sure that $35 selling price does NOT say Free Shipping.  If it sold with Free Shipping you have to subtract the estimated shipping cost to know the approximate price that it sold for. For more info on how to estimate shipping costs download my PDF guide.

For example, if the item sold for $35 the buyer paid for the item AND for shipping. In this case, the seller actually pays for shipping. If shipping was $15 then the item sold for $20. And you would only make a profit of $20 less the final value fees, etc.

In the beginning, it’s a little tricky and time-consuming … I encourage you to keep looking, researching, and sorting your stuff!!  When you find winning products you will make MONEY on eBay from the start.

I’m going to wrap up this post with one last really COOL helpful tip!!

Here’s how to save time when you want to sell something just like another listing. From the item description click the email icon and send yourself a winning listing. Later you can click the link in the email and start selling your own item by clicking Sell One like this, or Sell Now.

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