How to Get Ridiculous Deals at Garage Sales

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Finding treasure at garage and yard sales is not only FUN, it is an essential part of finding inventory for an eBay business when starting out. The key is to get the best price when you buy anything to resell. Low cost inventory gives you flexibility in your pricing. I don’t mean low value inventory. Avoid buying junk! Do your research first and have a list on your phone. Or, keep it on paper in your pocket. Here’s how I made some ridiculous buys at yard sales recently:

Keep your ears open – as you browse around the sale. The sellers talk freely about how the sale is going. Often they talk about pricing and how they don’t really know how to price their stuff. I overheard a women asking her neighbor what to price an antique birdcage – $20 or $15?? And of course I perked up and said I would buy it for $15! This type of large cage is going for $85 to $130 at retail. So I was happy. You can get deals when you casually listen to the sellers.

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Always ask when you see something unmarked – I saw some fine jewelry on the table mixed in with costume jewelry. It was a pair of diamond earrings in a jewelry store box, and a matching diamond necklace. I asked how much she wanted. She said “Well, those diamonds are real so I have to sell them for more…” and I said “Okay, what were you thinking?” Her answer was $10 for each! I bought them.  What a ridiculous deal! Maybe she broke up with the guy who gave her the jewelry. Whatever the case is, make sure you don’t hold back. Always ask!

Get the multiple item discount – You can help your bottom line when you bargain. I use this technique consistently. People get very excited when it’s obvious you are a serious shopper and are buying more than one thing. You can ask them to put a few items to the side, or in back of their table. While you continue to look around, they are confident that you will buy and so they “like” you. When they add up the items, ask for a few dollars off the total. This is almost always agreeable! I love this method because at garage sales sometimes you buy a little higher than you want, and sometimes lower. This helps keep the average cost down.

So, have FUN at garage sales and yard sales!!  And let me know if you find a ridiculous deal!  Contact: