Go Shopping on eBay, Now!

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Do you want to start selling on eBay? Then go shopping online!

So your eBay account is set up…

Now you need to buy something.

Read my post about account set up here.

I’m surprised… I continually meet people who have never bought on eBay.  It’s important to experience buying something on eBay before you sell.

You should know what it feels like from a customer’s point of view.

This shopping assignment gets you familiar with the eBay site.

  • Find and compare products from different sellers.
  • Ask the seller a question.
  • Figure out how much shipping will be.
  • Go through the checkout process.
  • View the shipping information and track your item.
  • Open your item and note how it is packaged.
  • Make sure it meets your expectation as described in the product description.
  • Leave feedback.
  • View feedback left for you as the buyer.

Buy a few low-cost items at fixed price. It’s easy to find good deals.

You’re going to need some basic office supplies anyway: tape, scissors, printer ink and a postage scale.

Enter a bid on something you want. Try to win the auction without spending more than you want to.

All of these exercises will help you figure out eBay.

Plus you are going to have FUN with it!