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ebay selling ideas

Cha-ching!! I love hearing that sound on my phone. eBay notifies me when I make money!  I also love sharing eBay tips and money making ideas for sellers. I share the eBay scoop in this podcast hosted by Sue Monhait.

Listen to my interview on the Gift Biz Unwrapped Podcast here….

I met Sue, the Gift Biz Gal, at a special event last fall. Sue is a successful leader in the Gift industry. She specializes in helping creative people with their businesses.

I was so excited when she asked me to share my eBay ideas with her listeners.

Sue’s episodes are motivational and filled with great FREE advice. You’ll hear many inspirational stories in her interviews with top-notch guests.

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Learn more about Sue Monhait’s professional background…


Sue Monhait, also known as the #GiftBizGal, recently returned to the coaching arena focusing on people within the Gifting/Baking/Crafting spaces. This brings her full circle from her corporate days in sales and strategic marketing working with businesses such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Osco/Sav-On, and numerous smaller organizations.

Her passion is to help creative people start a sustainable and profitable company while doing what they love most.  Listen to the Gift Biz Unwrapped Podcast for valuable information on these topics. Also, follow her on Instagram and Periscope @GiftBizGal.

Sue is the founder of The Ribbon Print Company which provides equipment and consultation to businesses of all sizes. She designed state of the art software and an online training program bringing the industry standard to a new level.

Sue speaks at various events within the gifting and crafting fields. She is the past Chairman of the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce and is on the advisory board of Shopping for a Change.

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