Don’t Do These 5 Things When Selling on eBay

Social Selling Mom eBay Tips Replay With Periscope Expert

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In the replay of my interview with Kerry Shearer, the Periscope Expert, I warn you about the 5 eBay Selling Mistakes.  I cover issues that happen when you don’t do research on items you want to sell, including figuring out shipping costs. I also talk about how to avoid returns by writing a complete item description. I warn you what might happen when you want to get paid. I also give advice about seller resources so you don’t feel hopeless when you get stuck.

The interview streamed live on the new app, Mr. Shearer is a professional video producer and gadget guy! He interviews all kinds of business people on his Periscope channel and encourages everyone to try this exciting, new media platform.

I absolutely love Persicope. I’ve been trying it for a couple months. I get excellent comments and interesting questions from my followers.  It’s really fun! You need to download the mobile app to get the most out of it.  It is connected with Twitter. If you don’t have Twitter, you have to create your account today. You don’t want to miss all the action!!

Typically a Periscope replay is only available for 24 hours. Many Periscope users save their episodes to the cloud using  I hope you learn something about Periscope, and take my advice about the eBay selling mistakes to avoid!

This link takes you to my interview via the page of Kerry Shearer. Enjoy!