3 Surprising Reasons Why Kids Should Be Your Business Helpers

Click Here to get updates Small business owners know that managing a business as a solopreneur comes with many challenges.  Another level of difficulty is added when running a business from home, especially with children.  However, you can get a little-added support from your family. It might surprise you, but I found that kids like to get…

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How to Get Ridiculous Deals at Garage Sales

Click Here to get updates Finding treasure at garage and yard sales is not only FUN, it is an essential part of finding inventory for an eBay business when starting out. The key is to get the best price when you buy anything to resell. Low cost inventory gives you flexibility in your pricing. I don’t…

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Get started selling on eBay! 5 Ideas That Really Work

Click Here to get updates If you have things that you want to sell on eBay but are anxious about getting started, try these tips: Set up your account as a selling account – Setup only takes a few minutes.  If you already have an account on eBay you need to convert your account into…

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