3 Surprising Reasons Why Kids Should Be Your Business Helpers

Kids are great biz helpers

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Small business owners know that managing a business as a solopreneur comes with many challenges.  Another level of difficulty is added when running a business from home, especially with children.  However, you can get a little-added support from your family. It might surprise you, but I found that kids like to get involved and help their Moms and Dads.

As a mom of two, I believe that being a working mother is one of the most valuable roles to model for my kids. The number one reason why kids should help is to have an example of what it means to be working. It’s good to explain the difference between homework, chores, and a paid job. You should also explain that a child can do many things when they grow up.  Talk about how someday they will find something they like to do, and they might get really good at it. Explain how that can be their job, and people will pay for their expertise. It’s an interesting discussion. The kids will get a little understanding of the reason why you work, and why it’s so important.

Another reason to get kids involved is because it teaches them useful skills. It helps them figure out what they like to do. I am NOT talking about getting kids to work at tedious activities, or having them put in long, hard hours. I am suggesting to give them a little bit to do when you need extra help. It helps you manage tasks, and they learn.

The third reason for getting kids to help is to give them a break from screen time. Delegate tasks that require creativity and hand work. This is less time spent sitting in front of a TV or computer screen. You will be impressed with the ideas that they come up with when you trust them to take care of some of your work.  Be patient and teach them about quality.  If one task is too hard, then try something else.

Talk to your kids about helping and ask them what kind of work they like to do. You will find out that children are great helpers!  It’s because work is rewarding, skills are learned, and it gives kids creative time away from their screens.

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Kids are great biz helpers -Surprising ideas!