Welcome,  I'm Kerry .....the Social Selling Mom

My name is Kerry Boozenny. I'm the founder of Social Selling Mom.com. I am an established e-commerce seller, known as elegantKB.  My program teaches women how to make a meaningful income online. I teach how to make good money with a strong foundation by starting to sell on eBay. This is the entry point for a rewarding, home based career that provides:

  • Freedom
  • Flexibility
  • Income

I've been "social selling" online for over a decade. I started on eBay in 2005 and I've made a significant supplemental income – enough to help put one of my two children through college. I am really proud of that. However, there were times when I doubted I would be able to make ends meet, let alone pay someones way through college. As the oldest of eight children, I pushed my way out into the working world early. I needed money to buy and make my own clothing.  I started my first alterations business at age 17.  While working at multiple jobs, I paid my own way through fashion design school at FIDM ( The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in San Francisco. I made a career in the fast paced, competitive, and exciting fashion industry.  I fell in love with high tech in the '90s.  I pioneered technology for designers in the garment industry. I managed process improvements for department store private label brands.

Then, the best part happened... I got married to a wonderful man and started a family. The pace cranked up as I juggled home life, a long commute, kids at day care and sleepless nights with a sick kid who was later diagnosed with asthma. The only time I had for really living with my family was  on weekends. The demands of my career had me traveling overseas. I was away on trips when my family needed me the most. I was heartbroken to miss my daughters' first steps, lost baby teeth, bee stings, and school events. I finally found a job with less travel where I worked from my home office.

Most recently, I created world class training programs for a software company. I worked hard through troubled economic times grateful to have work while wage increases were on hold. As our family was having trouble making ends meet, eBay turned out to be a blessing.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I got my e-commerce business running part time. I figured out how to make supplemental income on eBay. I set sales goals and met them. I bought my first brand new car!  I helped one child through college and now have a plan for our second child who is also college bound. I keep my business moving forward, growing my profits, and managing to balance it all while living the "busy Mom" lifestyle.   You can do this too! I teach you how to get started selling on line and then how to grow a small business while building an income to help those you love the most.

  • An Education Specialist trained by eBay, teaching LIVE eBay classes since 2010.
  • Featured in eBay's Community video, July 2015  "We are eBay" to celebrate eBay’s big announcement - separation from PayPal.
  • Guest speaker on stage with Sue B Zimmerman, the Instagram Gal, I appeared as the IFTTT expert during the LIVE class filmed at Creative Live SF.

Look for Social Selling Mom on social media, where I am most active on Twitter and Instagram. I would love to connect with you!